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Forgotten Crises – The Suffering Continues

At HuCo 2023, the panel “Forgotten Crises – Forgotten Suffering” addressed the question of how to overcome disproportionalities in the access to humanitarian aid? How to ensure adherence to the principle of impartiality? What changes are needed from politicians and humanitarian stakeholders to minimize inequities in the provision of humanitarian aid? The lively discussion concluded… continue

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Conclusions and Recommendations – Humanitarian action is non-negotiable

What are the recommendations the organisations behind the 6th Humanitarian Congress Vienna propose to prevent or alleviate human suffering caused by accelerating consequences of the climate crises, disasters, armed conflicts and deepening food insecurity? What conclusions must be drawn to bolster the humanitarian imperative and the humanitarian principles, the non-negotiable foundations of humanitarian action? Check… continue

Bundespräsident Alexander Van der Bellen – Ehrenschutz für den Humanitären Kongress Wien

Es freut uns mitteilen zu können, dass Bundespräsident Alexander Van der Bellen auch in diesem Jahr den Ehrenschutz für den Humanitären Kongress Wien übernommen hat. Wir verstehen diese Zusage nicht nur als Fortsetzung einer Tradition, sondern auch als Würdigung des Engagements, dass die Organisationen der humanitären Hilfe Österreichs national und international leisten. Danke für diese… continue

HuCo 2022 – Conclusions and Recommendations

The event “Health Systems and Humanitarian Aid: The Race Against COVID-19” has made clear that it is essential to: support comprehensive access to healthcare – not only Covid-related – for marginalised and vulnerable people who fall outside of states’ mandates or may not be visible; among them, but not limited to, displaced persons, migrants, people… continue

Great Discussions – Watch the Replay – HuCo2022

For those who missed out on the exciting virtual discussion or who want to revisit some of the issues, you are invited to watch the replay. We would like to thank our esteemed panellists 2022 Agnes Binagwaho, Christos Christou, Gerald Rockenschaub and Désirée Schweitzer, moderator Andreas Papp as well as Annelies Vilim for her opening… continue

Food for Thought – International Women’s Day 2020

An equal world is an enabled world Since 2011 the Humanitarian Congress Vienna is bringing together women from all walks of humanitarian life, debating and exchanging with them their insights and visions for an inclusive world. As the typical primary caregivers, women are both vulnerable and highly resilient in disaster situations. In our humanitarian efforts… continue

This is the Season …

… for the Humanitarian Congress Vienna to stop for a moment, to reflect, to say thank you, and to look forward to the year to come. We were delighted that so many accepted our invitation to discuss “The Future of Humanitarian Aid” in March 2019. We think that we learned a lot, got a lot to think… continue

Food for Thought – Tech for Good – Or Not?

By: Prof Darelle Van Greunen, Director of the Centre for Community Technologies, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa Tech For Good – Or Not? “Humanitarian ethics? Isn’t that an oxymoron these days? A contradiction in terms?” So said a somewhat cynical humanitarian worker to me a couple of weeks ago when I told her I was participating in… continue

Humanitarian Congress Vienna – Some 2019 Moments

The 5th Humanitarian Congress Vienna, The Future of Humanitarian Aid,  was yet another congress day packed not only with fresh ideas but with many a new insight as well. Those who joined us on 29 March at the University of Vienna will have their own personal highlights. Perhaps it is the keynote address of Mark Lowcock,… continue

Humanitarian Congress Vienna – The Future of Humanitarian Aid: 2019 Conclusions

Conflicts are becoming more protracted, populations and inequality grows and environmental disasters are on the rise. Needs of humanitarian assistance, both short- and long-term, will be acute and widespread. In the next years policy and the aid sector will need to evolve and adapt.  Considering the discussions of the 5th Humanitarian Congress and taking into… continue