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Follow-up: Starvation as a Method of Warfare – As Old as War Itself, Outlawed but Deadly Popular and Creatively Used

We all got to know Prof. de Waal during last years conference as a key note speaker for the panel “Hunger as a Weapon – “As Old as War Itself, Outlawed but Deadly Popular and Creatively Used”. Nobody of us could then foresee how to the point the then quesions were and how much darker the clouds would become. 

Prof. de Waal kindly shared with us two of his recent works. Both, his broad view on facts, his analysis of interdepencies and consequences for the most vulnerable of humans and for humanitarian actors  will give you insights, knowledge and food for thought. 

Famine in Gaza

“Famine in Gaza: an example of the global humanitarian crisis” published by Prof. Alex de Waal in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 23 April 2024. In the article, Alex de Waal not only makes famine a subject of discussion, he also relates it to International Humanitarian Law and the security of humanitarian actors in the field.

Famine that Kills: Sudan 2024 

We invite you to watch Professor de Waal’s video, and the  accompanying slide deck,  for a better understanding of the famine in Sudan.

Of course, you are all busy with daily challenges. However, we promise that Prof de Waal’s broad view on the facts, , interdependencies and consequences of the famine in Sudan will give you much  new knowledge and many thoughtful insights. 

 “The months ahead are dark indeed. Sudan is deep into the process of famine. Many will die. Famine will transform Sudan’s political economy, likely in ways that further impoverish the many. Sudanese society will be traumatized.

We should not wait to count the graves of children before calling this a famine and doing our utmost to stop it.” Quote Alex de Waal, World Peace Foundation, 16 May 2024


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 Shared by Prof. Alex de Waal, Executive Director, World Peace Foundation

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