Food for Thoughts – Human Rights Day, 10 December 2018

You and human rights by Peter Wismer, public international lawyer, Denmark It is easy to talk about human rights. As long as we can talk in abstract about the inalienable rights of every human being there is a high degree of consensus. Even those who favour the Fortress Europe approach to refugees will agree that… continue

Food for Thoughts – World AIDS Day, 1. Dezember 2018

Der 1. Dezember ist World AIDS Day. Hierzu die Reflektionen des Humanitarian Congress Vienna Mitveranstalters Ärzte ohne Grenzen Österreich und ein Bericht von Florian Breitenecker: Dank Lobbying – nicht zuletzt durch Ärzte ohne Grenzen – und leistbaren Medikamenten konnten die Kosten für die lebenslange HIV-Therapie in den letzten Jahren drastisch reduziert werden. Die medizinischen Möglichkeiten… continue

If I had three wishes … by Harry Eyres

Whether we like it or not, the US remains the richest and most powerful country on earth and the one many look to for leadership in the pursuance of broadly humanitarian goals. America’s recent turn away from international treaties and even from the idea of a rules-based international order, initiated by an amoral President who… continue

Food for Thought – Keynote Address by Volker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection

   4th Humanitarian Congress Keynote address byVolker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Vienna, 3 March 2017   We live in a world of profound contradictions, perhaps nowhere more apparent than in today’s refugee contexts. Refugees are in some ways a microcosm of our world. They reveal how we are increasingly interdependent – how the… continue