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Thank you for having joined us at the 6th Humanitarian Congress Vienna !

We would like to thank everyone who attended and supported in-person or watched the sessions online.

This event on 16 June 2023 at the University of Vienna discussed actions to be taken to prevent or alleviate, without discrimination, the human suffering arising from disaster or conflict. What actions are necessary to strengthen the humanitarian principles and to ensure that the Humanitarian Imperative is respected as a universal standard. Read upon the congress Conclusions & Recommendations for further food for thought.

  • Nicht verhandelbar – Der humanitäre Imperativ
    Kongress-Nachlese Am 16. Juni fand im Festsaal der Universität Wien wie in der letzten Ausgabe angekündigt, der 6. Humanitarian Congress Vienna statt. Impulsreferate aus Politik und Wissenschaft sowie international besetzte Diskussionspanels kreisten diesmal unter dem Titel ‚non negotiable‘ um den humanitären Imperativ und die humanitären… continue
  • When Nature Strikes Back – Humanitarian Aid in Times of Climate Change
    Summary of the panel keynote given by Prof. Adil Najam That climate is no longer a future issue is one of the many important statements in Prof. Najam´s keynote speech on 16 June at the Humanitarian Congress Vienna. Many of you asked us for an… continue