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Follow-up: We must adapt and innovate – while staying true to our core principles

In the follow-up to our discussions at the Humanitarian Congress 2023 we want to look anew at some of the issues we discussed.

Thus we asked two of the panellists, Ronja Berner, and  Bianca Ernst, for their opinion on the following:

Is our thinking on humanitarian principles now outdated?

What will the youth expect for the field of humanitarian assistance in a year of elections?

Like at last year’s event, these two young humanitarians answered both questions in a remarkably interesting fashion. But see for yourself:


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Bianca Ernst is completing her bachelor’s degree in nonprofit, social and healthcare management this month and will then work in disaster relief.

Ronja Berner completed her master’s degree in International Development in September 2023 and is currently working as a project manager at the Global-Security-Sector-Reform Foundation (GS Foundation) in Essen (Germany).

What we can conclude from this contribution is that it is essential to give each generation the opportunity to be seen, understood, valued, and provide leverage in the field of humanitarian aid.

Proposals are welcome on how to create a platform allowing intergenerational dialogue and ensuring that we all harvest the richness of the new generation’s insights!

For your convenience please see the transcript below:

Follow-up Humanitarian Congress 2023 (video transcript): We must adapt and innovate while staying true to our core principlesDownload