Slider schmal Frau (Key Sujet)


Mustafa Maalbawi



I was born and raised in a small town in the middle of Syria and studied medicine. In the beginning of 2011, the revolution in Syria had already started in a peaceful way but the regime handled it in a very violent way, so some of my colleagues and I started a field hospital in a small house. But we got caught and then I had to flee to Egypt. After a while I couldn’t stay away any more, because I had a feeling that the people there were in need of help, so I came back to Syria. I started to work in field hospitals all around Syria as well as as a physiotherapist next to the Turkish border. I moved everywhere where I felt that I was needed.
At the end of 2014, due to the dire situation in Syria and not being able to continue my work, I made the decision to flee. The way was by sea. I arrived in Austria and started to work in a hospital. When the wave of refugees came in late 2015, I worked as a volunteer with the Red Cross as a translator and doctor.

Why Are People Forced to Flee?