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Vincent Bernard

Editor in Chief of the International Review of the Red Cross


Vincent Bernard is editor in chief of the International Review of the Red Cross, the leading academic journal on humanitarian law, policy and action, published by the ICRC and Cambridge University Press. He is also the head of the ICRC Law and Policy Forum which leads ICRC’s engagement with expert audiences in the field of Humanitarian Law teaching, research and debate.  He is in charge of the Humanitarium, the ICRC’s conference center in Geneva and the new ICRC Humanitarian Law and Policy blog. Vincent joined the ICRC in 1998 and worked in the field for 6 years in Dakar, Nairobi and Jerusalem. As head of the ICRC’s field communication set-up from 2006 to 2010 he travelled and worked in most of ICRC’s operational contexts.  Prior to joining the ICRC, Vincent Bernard studied political science, law and international relations at the Political Science Institute and Law Faculty in Strasburg, The King’s College, London and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and taught law at the University of Marmara in Istanbul. 

The Erosion of International Law – Who Cares?