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Fatuma Musa Afrah

Activist, Consultant, Speaker


Fadhumo arrived in Germany about 2 years ago.

▪ She migrated from Somalia to Kenya when she was 3-4 years old with her family.

▪ Studies: Bachelor in Development Studies, Diploma in Community Development and Counselling,

Diploma in Project Management, Report Writing and Gender Studies.

▪ Currently Freelancer and working as:

➢ Speaker (Keynote and motivational/empowerment)

➢ Consultant (about migration, human right, integration, women

Empowerment, community development, diversity, Gender, child, protection and education)

➢ Political Activist

Current Jobs

▪ Ambassador for End FGM Network for European movement against FGM.Brussels, Belgium.

▪ Working at the German Parliament as an Expert (Florian Pronold, SPD, Member as an expert about Africa, Somalia)

▪ Working with Kiron Online University about Education empowerment especially on women education and empowerment. Motivational speeches.

▪ Working with Terre Des Femmes as Change Agent, fighting against Female Genital Mutilation.

▪ Working on her own project about “Networking between women, Integration of women into the labour market, promoting economical independence. “ (i.e. “Newcomers Women Flying Business Lunch“)

▪ Working in a project in Freiburg about city development planning



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