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If I had three wishes … by Ulrike Lunacek, Zedoun Al-Zoubi and Fatuma Musa Afrah , Humanitarian Congress Panellists 2017

Here the three wishes for the Future of Humanitarian Aid by three Humanitarian Congress Panellists from 2017 :

by Ulrike Lunacek:

If I had three wishes:

1) Austria and all other EUMS achieve 0,7% of BNE going into ODA, among that also to Humanitarian Aid.

2) Women‘s rights and empowerment are at the centre of all development and humanitarian strategies. Without women at the centre the world doesn’t stand a chance to become a better place with a good life for all.

3) Arms deals are stopped and trade relations focus on ecologically and socially sustainable production, guaranteeing human and labour rights – and thus preventing humanitarian catastroph

by Zedoun Al-Zoubi

  1. Depoliticize Aid
  2. Protect Humanitarian workers and facilities
  3. Localize aid

by Fatuma Musa Afrah

My  wishes are:

  1. Looking at the current political situation in Europe it is very important to discuss and find solution for the humanitarian aid problems surrounded by challenges.
  2. I hope we can educate the people about migration which is seen as a crisis rather than seen as an opportunity. Despite the causes of why people are forced to flee it is necessary to discuss about the contribution of Newcomer(Refugees) economically and not look only at the negative side.
  3. How to address and empower the needs and priorities of Newcomer women (Refugees) who are isolated.