Slider schmal Frau (Key Sujet)

Caritas – Überlebenshilfe unter schwierigsten Umständen

 Katastrophenhilfe ist oft ein Wettlauf mit der Zeit. Die rasche Versorgung von Menschen, die durch Wirbelstürme oder Erdbeben alles verloren haben oder zwischen den Fronten versuchen, ihre Familie Tag für Tag über die Runden zu bringen, entscheidet über Leben und Tod. Dann geht es darum Lebensmittel, Trinkwasser oder Zelte möglichst rasch in die Krisenregion zu… continue

Meet artist Tanja Boukal

Human displacement in contemporary art. What is the role of art, and what are the risks and challenges?  Discuss with Tanja Boukal on 3 March 2017 Learn more about Tanja Boukal in the following article (Financial Times, August 19, 2016  by: Maya Jaggi) : A new art show on the frontline of the refugee crisis… continue

Menschen auf der Flucht – sind Menschen in Not, Nothilfe in Griechenland

Seit März 2011 mussten rund 4,8 Millionen Menschen wegen des anhaltenden Krieges aus Syrien flüchten, während 6,5 Millionen Menschen innerhalb Syriens auf der Flucht sind. Drei Viertel der Flüchtenden sind Frauen und Kinder. 1,2 Millionen Menschen haben dabei auf der Flucht Europa auf dem Seeweg erreicht. Die Mehrzahl der Menschen kam auf dem zentralen Mittelmeerweg… continue

Hilfswerk Austria International, 2016 A Year Full Of Challenges

Syria Aid 2016: A drop in the ocean? They were all over the media, they went under our skin: Pictures of refugees from Syria. Men, women, children, babies: People on the run from war, violence, poverty, searching for a new beginning. Since 2006, Hilfswerk Austria International helps the people in Syria’s neighboring country Lebanon. Humanitarian… continue

Review 2016 – Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe

In preparation of the 4th Humanitarian Congress in the News Blog under “Review 2016” you´ll be introduced by the Humanitarian Congress host organisations to their engagements and results of 2016, and the critical questions they faced. We start with the contribution of  Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe…. continue

New HRW Article on Refugees With Disabilities

“Greece: Refugees with Disabilities Overlooked Underserved”, read this interesting Human Rights Watch Article or discuss with us on Panel 6 “Leaving No One Behind – A Mission Impossible?  … continue

Volker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Mr. Volker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR, will deliver the Opening Speech and be a panellist at the 4th Humanitarian Congress Vienna. You certainly want to benefit from his insights, so register under… continue

Trucking Instead of Protecting

“In a show of pragmatism seemingly incompatible with their stated mandate, international forces in CAR have been providing protection to convoys of Muslims trying to leave towns and villages in fear of certain death, instead of stopping attacks against them. While this protection is clearly preferable to allowing these people to be killed, the convoys… continue