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Annelies Vilim

Director, Global Responsibility, Austrian Platform for Development and Humanitarian Aid


Annelies Vilim is the director of the NGO umbrella organisation Global Responsibility – Austrian Platform for Development and Humanitarian Aid. In that capacity she represents the political interests of (currently) 39 member organisations, active in the fields of development cooperation, humanitarian aid as well as development education and policy work and sustainable global economic, social and ecological development. Global Responsibility advocates for Austrian and international politics to be in solidarity with disadvantaged people. It stands for equal opportunities and equal participation, a just global distribution of goods, peaceful development as well as preserving the earth’s natural resources. Since years Global Responsibility is campaigning for a major improvement of Austria’s Development Policy and Humanitarian Aid that are both underfunded and fragmented.

Ms. Vilim holds a degree in social science (Sociology and Ethnology, University of Vienna) and has more than 25 years of professional experience as manager, consultant and leadership trainer. She has worked in/for the political, private, public and NPO sector and in different cultures.