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Petra Ramsauer



Petra Ramsauer has been working as a Journalist for almost 25 years following her graduation from her political science degree, majoring in International relations, Islam/Terror and the Middle East. In Paris, she completed a course in International Reporting at the Fondation Journalistes en Europe.

As a Journalist she has worked for ORF, Kurier, NZZ am Sonntag, Welt am Sonntag, the Israeli Ha’aretz, Die Presse, Profil and the magazine NEWS. Her area of specialization is international crises and war reporting. In the past decade she has reported from the locations of most of the worlds biggest conflicts: From the war in Kosovo in 1999, the Intifada in the Palestinian territory, from the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, from Sudan and Chad, about the civil war in Darfur, the protest movement in Iran and in the past months from the revolution in the Arabic countries such as Egypt and Libya.

Recently, Petra Ramsauer has returned from reporting on the situation in Afghanistan, ten years after 9/11. In the past years she has also reported from the tsunami in Asia, the malnutrition from the Horn in Africa, in Malawi, Niger and the motives of the boat people from Mauritius.

A large part of her work has been dedicated to highlighting the issues of women in crisis zones. She has tried to get out of the habit of following the traditional patterns of war reporting, instead trying to orient herself towards classical social-welfare reporting. This can be seen in her priority setting.
During her career, Petra Ramsauer has focused on the use of rape as a weapon in countries of war and has spoken to women who have experienced this horrendous weapon in Kosovo, Darfur, Eastern Congo and Libya. Hence, she wanted to show that the trauma of an entire society after a conflict can only be improved through working determinedly with women. Furthermore, she showed in her work in journalism on poverty and hunger that there is an enormous potential in directly aiding women.

Petra Ramsauer has published two books: In 2007 “Die Klimarevolution” (The Climate Revolution), which discusses Global warming in and international context and in 2009, “So wird Hunger gemacht” (How Hunger happens) about the background of poverty and solution strategies.
Petra Ramsauer is currently working as a Freelance Journalist and Author.