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Omar Nuseir

Deputy Director / Senior Coordinator, Humanitarian Relief Coordination Unit Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Jordan


Omar Nuseir became Deputy Director of Humanitarian Relief Coordination Unit in January, 2012 Humanitarian Relief Coordination Unit is responsible for the following:
– Reviewing all agreements (targeting refugees) with the donors’ community before approval to guarantee an efficient implementation.
– Prepare and update the Jordan Government Response Plan for Hosting Syrians.
– Preparing the study of Economic and Social Impacts of hosting Syrians and Iraqis on the public sectors and national budget in cooperation with key government entities.
– Conduct Donors Meetings in order to present the impact of Syrians on the Jordanian economy and requesting financial support.
– Mr. Nuseir formerly served as Bilateral Relations Coordinator for the Coordination Office for the Reconstruction of Iraq, where he was in charge of facilitating the work of international agencies operating in Jordan which were responsible for allocating deposits from donor countries to meet the needs of the Iraqi people. He was also a member of the committee in charge of phasing out the Ruwayshed Camp and coordinating with UNHCR to resettled the refuges in third country.

Mr. Nuseir was born and raised in Irbid, Jordan. He hold Masters Degree in International Trade.

Panel 2015

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