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Oliviero Forti

Caritas Italiana Migration Office


Oliviero Forti, graduate in law at La Sapienza University in Rome, is currently manager of Caritas Italiana Immigration Office and president of the Caritas Europa Migration Commission. For about 17 years he has been involving in migration related issues first as researcher (also for the well known Caritas/Migrantes Italian Immigration Annual Dossier) and later as professional consultant for several Italian universities, writing in the meanwhile also many articles and publications on human mobility. In the last years he has been principally responsible both for coordinating at national level the territorial Caritas realities guarding migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and for maintaining regular contacts with the national institutions and the international organizations. At international level he worked at the constitution of an European Migration Network for the European Commission and recently as representative of Caritas Italiana Migration Office he went in promoting the “MigraMed”, an international annual meeting involving all the Caritas of the Mediterranean countries about human mobility within the Mediterranean area.

Panel 2015

Lampedusa – European Responsibility at Stake