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Triple Nexus = Triple Challenge?

Keynote Speaker: Monique Pariat     Moderator: Alistair Dutton
Panel members: Toby Lanzer, Kathrin Schick,  Filipa Schmitz GuinoteDaniel Sheeran,  Monique Pariat,

Over the past decades, conflicts have become much more complex and protracted: Syria, South Sudan and Ukraine are only a few examples of ongoing humanitarian crises the world faces today. In a conflict that lasts several years there is need to offer longer-term solutions.

For example repairing urban water systems or supplying the population with seeds and agricultural tools become priorities. That is what the ‘humanitarian-development nexus’ is about; the combination of short-, medium- and long-term intervention when dealing with a protracted crisis. The double nexus becomes a triple nexus: Humanitarian – Development – Peacebuilding when account is taken of the need to address and eliminate the root causes of political conflicts.

This panel will seek to explore and unpack the challenges, the risks and opportunities for principled and effective humanitarian action within the triple nexus, especially at the country and regional level.


Small Ceremonial Chamber / Kleiner Festsaal