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Extracts of Paul Conneally’s speech at #huco2015

Extract of Paul Conneally’s speech at Panel discussion : “What’s App: Innovation and New Technologies Improving the Effectiveness”
Keynote Speech of Paul Conneally Head of Communication, International Telecommunication Union

Prepaid electricity is one of the biggest gain change that could happen in Africa in the next years…
…It is now possible for humanitarian and developmental organisations to get involve in provided prepaid electricity…

Mobile banking
“Connecting the on-bank can stimulate the economy.”
“Mobile banking can become a reality across borders.”
“People don’t need bank, they need banking.”

M learning
One major innovation wich transform education was the school bus. It allowed students to be transported to bigger schools to be segmented into different class rooms where more tailored education could be given to children.
With mobile you can now dream of bringing quality learning to helpcare workers. It connects them as a community and this community is a very powerful resource for the ministry of help and for humanitarian organisations. in trying to understand really what the issue are n underground and engaging that extraordinarily important community in your work.

“There is a risk to excluding people. Digital inclusion should be at the core of your mandate.”

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