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RED NOSES Clowndoctors International

RED NOSES is one of the largest and leading healthcare clown organisations in the world. Founded in Austria in 1994, we are an artistic organisation bringing humour and laughter so that people in need of joy are better able to reconnect to themselves, each other, and the beauty of all human emotions. We see a great need for emotional wellbeing in the times we are living in, and we are on a mission to change that.

Today, RED NOSES consists of 11 RED NOSES organisations in Central- and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. RED NOSES International, based in Vienna, supports as headquarters the activities of the locally led organisations by monitoring their overall impact, developing new programmes, setting up quality standards, facilitating capacity building activities and ensuring the implementation of the organisation’s strategic goals.

We envision that our major beneficiaries; hospitalised children, senior patients, children with special needs, and people affected by crisis experience an improvement of their overall mental and emotional wellbeing through our artistic and humorous work