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One more tragedy and the biggest loss of life since the European Union took over patrols in the Mediterranean in January

The latest tragedy in the Mediterranean – in which as many as 300 migrants are feared dead after trying to cross rough seas from Libya to Italy in inflatable rafts — has reignited debate over Europe’s response to the migrant crisis.
Late Sunday, two Italian Coast Guard patrol boats braved gale force winds and 25-foot waves to reach a rubber dinghy with 106 migrants on board, drifting about 100 miles off the Italian coast…

…Aid workers revealed that the survivors had said their boat was only one of four which left Libya on Saturday, each carrying approximately 100 people. The refugees said that two of the other boats capsized, and the fourth boat disappeared…

“This new tragedy realizes our worst fears about the end of Italy’s Mare Nostrum search and rescue operation and exposes the predictable consequences of the European Union’s failure to provide an adequate replacement,” said John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International Europe and Central Asia Director, in a statement.

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