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Humanitarianism in the network age

Humanitarianism in the network age including world humanitarian data & trends 2012

Here is a good overview about network age impact on humanitarian Aid. A report related to our panel discussion: What’s App: Innovation and New Technologies Improving the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Action – Myth or Fact?

It focuses on organizations that are embracing changes due to technology improvment and reorienting their approaches around the essential objective of helping people to help themselves. It highlights their experiments and efforts to adapt, and the sometimes remarkable results.

Humanitarianism in the network age

    Table of content

    Chapter I: The network age

  • The Increased Reach of Communications
  • New partnerships for humanitarian action
  • The need for change
    Chapter 2: Humanitarian information in the network age

  • The opportunity: Data in the network age
  • Big data
  • Rich data through Geographical Information Systems
  • Open data
  • New techniques for the network age
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Crowdseeding
  • Mobile cash
  • Challenges and risks
  • Accuracy and utility
  • Bias
  • Power
  • Information overload
  • Increased expectations
  • Privacy, ethics and security
  • The need to adapt
    Chapter 3: Adaptation and change

  • Adapting to new data sources, tools and techniques
  • Ethical issues around new sources of information
  • Adapting to new partnerships and techniques in humanitarian action
  • Participatory mapping for preparedness and risk reduction
  • Community early warning systems
  • Standards as a basis for communications
  • Information as a basic need in humanitarian response
  • A holistic approach

See the document: Humanitarianism in the network age