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Congress 2011

Below you can find some material from the First Humanitarian Congress in Vienna

The Program
The Speaker’s biographies
Pictures of the Congress

Humanitarian Challenges – 10 Years after 9/11

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Notes from Antonio Donini
Presentation by Antonio Donini
On Antonio Donini’s homepage you can find some of his articles.

Humanitäre Hilfe – Österreich quo Vadis?

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The keynote speech of Max Santner was inspired by his article in the ÖFSE Journal p.93-99
Presentation by Max Santner

The Hunger Crisis at the Horn of Africa – Natural Disaster or Complex Emergency?

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Bullet Points by Ton Van Zutphen

Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) – Is Humanitarian Aid becoming more and more a Tool for Foreign Policies?

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Notes from Rainer Lucht’s Keynote Speech in English..
Notes from Rainer Lucht’s Keynote Speech in German.

Jean-Marc Biquet has written 2 related articles
“Militär-Humanitär Eine Beziehung voller spannungen” in “40 jahre MSF” Hg. Ulrike von Pilar
“Them and Us” in “Médecins Sans Frontières’ medical assistance and the new generation of military operations Ed. Kevin Coppock. MSF-Canada. 2010

Humanitarian Aid meets Development Cooperation – Synergies and Challenges for the 21st Century

Articles by Dieter Reinhardt can be found on his homepage.

The Perception of Western NGOs in the Muslim World

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Gender in Emergencies: Why Gender Matters – Empowering Women and Girls as a Key Strategy towards ending Poverty and Conflict

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Notes from Barbara Jackson

Presentation by Barbara Jackson